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A nonprofit organization founded in response to crises and their impact on healthcare communities nationwide.
“To provide assistance to small healthcare organizations that have been impacted by disasters so that they may rebuild their businesses safely and sustainably.

Our Story

During the COVID-19 crisis, the founding members of HSRE realized that the vast majority of small healthcare practices are not equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate such a complex situation. 

Most doctors in the U.S. aren’t given the opportunity to learn business management skills in medical school. And they receive little on-the-job training to develop the skills needed to run an effective and sustainable business. Small healthcare organizations often have to be their own supply manager, accountant, IT manager, regulatory compliance expert, marketing professional, billing expert, and more. 

To help reduce doctors’ business and administrative burden and stress – so more of their time can be spent on helping patients and improving the health of their community – HSRE was created. HSRE’s purpose is to provide healthcare business consulting, education, and other resources to its nationwide beneficiaries so that their businesses and practices can succeed in the long-term.


Every little bit counts!  Make a donation, volunteer with us, or reach out to learn about other ways you can support our organization. Make an impact in the disaster recovery efforts and become part of an organization with a mission to rebuild the future healthcare. Together, we can make a difference.


After natural disasters occur, whether locally or nationally, small healthcare practices need to reopen their doors to their patients in a safe and financially sound manner. However, many practices struggle to do so, and without guidance and/or resources, reopening may no longer be an option for them. HSRE fills this need for guidance in the community by means of healthcare business consulting and education to all specialties of small healthcare practices and facilities nationwide. 

Who qualifies for pro-bono assistance?

Small healthcare practices and facilities nationwide with 30 employees or less that are ready to rebuild their businesses following a regional or national disaster.

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HSRE assists small healthcare practices or facilities in understanding and applying for available, qualifying government aid and in building up a plan of action towards long-term recovery and sustainability, which has historically been neglected. Working side-by-side with the disaster-impacted practice, our consultants devise plans to resume business in a safe and sustainable manner that also focuses on the practice’s needs.

HSRE strives to help the healthcare community as much as possible and in addition to consulting services, we provide approved beneficiaries of our pro-bono consulting services access to educational materials and connections to other resources. Studies and recommendations on safe and effective methods for reopening a practice or facility to patients after a disaster as well as on how to optimize clinic operations, financial health, marketing, and other important factors that contribute to the success and sustainability of small healthcare organizations are posted centrally as well.


Tell us your story

When a request for assistance is received
from a small healthcare practice or facility, it will be brought to the HSRE Board of Directors for review.


Once the request is approved, HSRE will
dispatch a consultant to analyze the impact
of COVID-19 on both operations and finances.


The consultant will then continue to work with the practice to create and implement a plan to reopen their doors safely and sustainably.


“I enjoyed working with Amy and Coryn. They assisted in giving me the confidence to do what I already knew was right, they gave me the tools and understanding of how things worked and how to gain control over it myself for the practice. I will be forever grateful for that”

Practice Manager
Washington Eye Care


HSREʼs Board Members are leaders in healthcare with different backgrounds located all across the United States. Being on the Board of Directors of HSRE is no easy task, but through their combined knowledge and years of experience in the field, they are able to make the decisions that brings the organization closer to achieving its goals. Together, with the guidance and support of the Board, HSRE is able to provide relief to struggling clinics and help maintain access to healthcare for all U.S. citizens.

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Ava Navarro

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Mihajlo Djordjevic
Technology Committee Chair

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Desireè Hardge
Vice President

Amy Schlight

Coryn Carson


Volunteer With Us

HSRE’s success depends on its volunteers. If you have experience in healthcare administration or consulting, or would just like to make a difference and volunteer your time, we need your help! Make an impact in the COVID-19 recovery efforts and become part of an organization with a mission of rebuilding healthcare.

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